Don't get a DUI, use the PARESE program. Two times a year, the Union will reimburse Agents travel to or from the bar, up to $30 per instance. We will count the trip to the bar and the trip back home as one trip up to $30, if needed. Even if you spent more than $30 on your overall trip, we will pay $30 of your travel expenses.

It costs $762 a year to be a Union Member. Using this program reimburses you $60 of your Union dues. It could cost $45,435 for a first time DUI in California according to the DMV website. You will also be put on the rubber gun squad until you get your drivers license back. Use the PARESE program to avoid this situation.

Step 1

Fill out the from and submit it.

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Mailing Address

Step 2

Send us a copy of the Taxi, Uber or Lyft receipt, with the subject line (your name) PARESE.