Union Contract by Article

ARTICLE 1     Recognition
ARTICLE 2     Effect of Law and Regulation
ARTICLE 3     Union Relations at the National, Regional and Local Levels
ARTICLE 3A  Impact Bargaining at National, Regional, and Sector Levels
ARTICLE 4     Rights and Obligations
ARTICLE 5     Relationship of the Agreement to Agency Policies, Regulations, and Practices
ARTICLE 6     Status of Employee Representatives
ARTICLE 7     Use of Official Time
ARTICLE 8     Use of Official Facilities
ARTICLE 9     Identification of Employees in the Unit
ARTICLE 10    Outside Employment
ARTICLE 11    Union Representatives Permitted on Government Property
ARTICLE 12    Personnel Manuals
ARTICLE 13    Dues Withholding
ARTICLE 14    Leave
ARTICLE 15    Development and Training
ARTICLE 16    Classification
ARTICLE 17    Safety and Health
ARTICLE 18    Injury Compensation
ARTICLE 19    Fitness for Duty Examination
ARTICLE 20    Disabled Employees
ARTICLE 21    Personnel Files
ARTICLE 22    Equal Employment Opportunity
ARTICLE 23    Reduction in Force, Transfer of Function and Reorganization
ARTICLE 24    Acceptable Level of Competence C Within Grade Increase
ARTICLE 25    Uniforms
ARTICLE 26    Travel and Per Diem
ARTICLE 27    Overtime (other than uncontrollable overtime)
ARTICLE 28    Tours of Duty
ARTICLE 29    Grooming and Appearance
ARTICLE 30    Equal Pay for Equal Work
ARTICLE 31    Formal Meetings and Investigative Interviews
ARTICLE 32    Disciplinary and Adverse Actions
ARTICLE 33    Grievance Procedure
ARTICLE 34    Arbitration
ARTICLE 35    Negotiation of Supplemental Agreements
ARTICLE 36    Impasses in Supplemental Negotiations
ARTICLE 37    Merit Promotion Plan I
ARTICLE 38    Publicizing the Agreement
ARTICLE 39    Effective Date and Duration
APPENDIX I    Dues Withholding
APPENDIX II    Merit Promotion Plan I
APPENDIX IV    Pilot Hiring and Evaluation
APPENDIX V    Travel Advances
APPENDIX VI    Request for Official Time
APPENDIX VII    Work Authorization Request (Form G-843A)
APPENDIX VIII    Request for Representation